Why You Should Swim

Swimming is often overlooked in the world of sports and fitness. It is a sport mostly associated with summer and leisure. An image of lounging by the pool on a hot day is the first that comes to mind for many people. But, what many fail to realize is that swimming is much more than a leisurely summer activity. Swimming is actually a sport that has numerous benefits.

For starters, swimming isn’t solely a summer sport. An indoor swimming pool can allow you to swim on any day, at any time. No matter the temperature or weather, you can always go swimming with an indoor pool. No need for fancy equipment that you don’t know how to use! All you need is a body of water and your body.

In this solo sport, time is often spend under water where your everyday life often begins to disappear. For those who need to spend more time on themselves and less worrying about day-to-day matters, swimming is a great way to let go and forget about things for a little while. Swimming is quiet and peaceful and it is often easy to just concentrate on your laps.

While taking time for yourself, swimming is also providing you with a full body workout. You may not realize it as you are gliding effortlessly through the water, but swimming uses every area of your body- from your arms and back to your legs. Swimming is great for toning your body and it burns a ton of calories in the process. Not only that, but swimming is also join friendly. For those who are recovering from an injury or are unable to do other sports and workouts that are hard on the knees, like running, then swimming is the best thing you can do.

The good news is that there are multiple variations in swimming so if you don’t think you’re doing good one way, try another! From the butterfly stroke to the freestyle, there is no one way to propel yourself through the water. Play around with it and see what works for you. Challenge yourself by trying new techniques or switching things up mid-lap.

Most importantly, swimming is fun! There’s a reasons kids beg to go swimming all summer long. There’s nothing like jumping into cool pool water and feeling weightless. Kids love it and you can appreciate it even more as an adult. Swimming is for everybody and everyone can benefit from it. No matter your workout or sport preferences, give swimming a try. And if you just can’t find that one workout or sport that works for you, swimming might be the one!

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Why You Should Swim

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