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Sporkey is a marketplace for Sports enthusiasts to Search sporting facilities near them, Select facility & Coaches based on community ratings, Secure admission easily and share and invite friends to play.

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Facility Member Benefits

Sporkey marketplace is designed to encourage sporting activity at all age groups and as a social activity between friends and family in today’s fast paced digital life. We help transform sporting facilities into social platforms for a digital consumer to easily connect and securely transact. Sporting facility owners can substantially benefit from Sporkey, by:

Unlock value in Idle Capacity

An average 32% of available floor hour is unused among sporting facilities in US. Sporkey Platform allows you to sell this idle capacity at discounted prices, to meaningfully earn additional revenue.

Improve Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is a factor of ease of transaction, onsite experience and social memorability. Sporkey platform allows for convenient and secure transaction, and an ability for user to share their experience with their social networks, and significantly adding to customer loyalty.

Tap into new customer segments

Sport enthusiasts like to play a variety of sports and Sporkey platform allows you to reach new customer segments and help them develop interest in the sport and in your facility.

Transparent review and rating

Hear from your customers and listen to their feedback to improve your service and onsite experience improvement, though Sporkey.

Reduce cost of service

Administrative and Service costs run as high as 18% among sporting facilities. With Sporkey, we leverage best of technology platforms outside of your core operating system to substantially reduce cost of servicing new members.

Improve returns on Marketing investment

The average cost of new customer acquisition for sporting facilities runs well above 50$/customer. Often this tends to be a repeat cost, as new customer active use term of the facility is fast shrinking, with the exception of children. Sporkey Platform allows you to substantially reduce the cost of new customer acquisition, and variabilize the cost to capacity sold.

Digitize Customer Connect

Connect to new customers digitally requires significant capital investments and ongoing maintenance on a yearly basis. Sporkey Platform eliminates the upfront investment and allows you to connect your business with the digitally savvy customer.